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December 2020 updates

18 new features and bug fixes

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RapidBar web

Version 10.25

  • New dark theme
  • Added historical saving of product data
  • Added csv export to the report page
  • Add costing calculations and display to batch recipes
  • Added the option to select variation when importing from the master database
  • Add csv upload of sales for Veloce users
  • Added a search field to the purchases, sales and inventory modals
  • Added the report summary to the pdf reports exports
  • Added calculation and display of the on-hand value for each product
  • Added a warning if on-hand value becomes negative
  • Automatically reject the empty imports (closed days) for Maitre’D users
  • Added product id display in autosuggest lists and in fields to help identifying duplicate entries if they happen
  • Added a note field to the sales to add details to certain sales (like inventory adjustments, losses or promos)


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the dropdown dates
  • Improved ideal cost calculations
  • Changed rounding of the order report from down to up
  • Fixed a bugs with long category names in the Maitre’D imports
  • Fixed the date of sale and split sale for Cluster imports