7 Best Restaurant Inventory Management Practices

Restaurant management is challenging. To accommodate your guests and respond to customer demand, you must ensure that you have enough food, employees, and seating. Additionally, you need to keep track of your inventory and guarantee that your kitchen is well-equipped. Running a restaurant successfully requires having a good inventory system. Without it, you can overstock…

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How to calculate inventory turnover ratio

Comment calculer le taux de rotation de l’inventaire

What is inventory turnover?  Inventory turnover refers to how often a restaurant sells and has to restock their inventory. A high inventory turnover means you are selling things at a quick rate. It also gives you insight into your purchasing habits and whether you are over or under buying your inventory.  When calculating inventory turnover…

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How often should a bar take inventory?

inventaire Bar

When it comes to the optimal frequency of bar inventory counts, there is no exact science. This must be dictated by your bar’s specific needs and the objectives you want to accomplish through the inventory process. If a bar does not have an automated liquor inventory system that accurately measures what was poured vs. what…

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6 Restaurant Inventory Tips to Run your Business Successfully

nventaire restaurant

Managing a restaurant presents many challenges. One of the most important aspects is knowing how to track your inventory. As part of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as control and monitoring of orders, stockpiling and control of the number of products to be sold and stored, the implementation of automated inventory management…

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How to manage a bar inventory | Liquor inventory guide

Comment faire in inventaire de bar

Managing a bar inventory efficiently can be quite a challenge without the necessary knowledge and tools. For many businesses in the hospitality field, alcoholic drinks account for a significant amount of both revenues and costs so knowing how to manage your inventory is crucial to ensure the well-being of your business and optimize profits. Conducting…

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What is a KPI?

KPI means: Key Process Indicator   Why are KPI’s so important for my bar or restaurant?   KPIs are important because they keep measurable objectives at the forefront of decision making. It’s essential that objectives are well communicated, so when people know and are responsible for their own KPIs, It ensures that the business’s overarching…

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10 KPI examples for your bar or restaurant

What is a KPI? Some say: -“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage” Read this article for our definition of a KPI Here’s a list of useful KPIs (Key Process Indicators) that can help you manage your bar or restaurant: Employee Labor Percentage Add up expenditures for all wages and salaries. Include bonuses, commissions, and…

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5 tips for counting your bar inventory

1- Divide your bar into sections Here’s an example: Bar, Cellar, cooler, fridge, and stockroom. Dividing your bar or restaurant will allow you to: Count better with fewer errors. Understand where errors have occurred. Avoid having to start all over again when you’re interrupted. 2- Choose the right time Choose a moment when the place…

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Why restaurants can’t succeed without supply chain software in 2020

  The low profit margins of restaurants is a topic that has been discussed a lot and the general consensus is that operators need to focus on increasing sales volume while decreasing expenses in order to improve their restaurant’s profits margins. Fact: COVID-19 has left restaurants with limited room to increase sales Typically, increasing sales meant…

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