How to calculate inventory turnover ratio

Comment calculer le taux de rotation de l’inventaire

What is inventory turnover?  Inventory turnover refers to how often a restaurant sells and has to restock their inventory. A high inventory turnover means you are selling things at a quick rate. It also gives you insight into your purchasing habits and whether you are over or under buying your inventory.  When calculating inventory turnover…

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Liquor cost guide | How to calculate beverage cost?

Cout des boissons

What is beverage cost? Beverage cost is a ratio that compares the cost of alcohol sales with total alcohol sales for a given period of time. It allows you to see what percentage of your selling cost you are using in order to make a drink. For example, if you used 25 cents worth of…

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How to control food cost in your restaurant?

How to control food cost

Running a successful restaurant business is not an easy task. In addition to ensuring your kitchen is making delicious food and your front of house employees are creating an enjoyable customer experience, you also need to keep track of your finances and the overall cost of running your restaurant or bar. At the end of…

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How often should a bar take inventory?

inventaire Bar

When it comes to the optimal frequency of bar inventory counts, there is no exact science. This must be dictated by your bar’s specific needs and the objectives you want to accomplish through the inventory process. If a bar does not have an automated liquor inventory system that accurately measures what was poured vs. what…

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6 Restaurant Inventory Tips to Run your Business Successfully

nventaire restaurant

Managing a restaurant presents many challenges. One of the most important aspects is knowing how to track your inventory. As part of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as control and monitoring of orders, stockpiling and control of the number of products to be sold and stored, the implementation of automated inventory management…

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10 ways to increase your restaurant profits

Revenus des restaurants

There are no magic tricks or recipes to increase the sales of your restaurant. However, you can create a strategy or implement a plan to boost your restaurant sales. In this article, we share tips to help you increase the income of your restaurant. Is the restaurant industry profitable? The restaurant industry is very competitive…

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Bar Management Guide | 5 tips for running a successful bar

Running a successful bar

To run a successful bar, it’s not enough to have good cocktails and a space with an eye-catching design. There are many factors that you must take into account to differentiate yourself from the competition, since there are bars on almost every street. In this article we give you some tips so that your pub…

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Cocktail and Bar Industry Trends for 2021

Bar trends 2021

What are the current trends in the bar industry?  2020 has been a year that we will all remember, for better and for worse. The hospitality industry, however, has been one of the most affected and has had to reinvent itself.  We don’t really know when we will be able to have a cocktail with…

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5 ways to improve your restaurant inventory management

Restaurant Inventory Management

The ultimate goal of any business is to make as much profit as possible, this goal is no different in the restaurant industry and keeping track of your inventory gives you the best possible chance of increasing your profit margins.  Tracking inventory can allow restaurants to quickly identify any stock problems and save money in…

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The Best 10 Bar Inventory Apps in 2021

Bar Inventory apps

Managing a bar or a restaurant is not an easy job. In fact, managers have to juggle multiple responsibilities at once to keep the business thriving and one of the most important and time-consuming tasks is bar inventory. For many businesses in the hospitality field, managing bar inventory is crucial to the success of the…

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