Complete supply chain solutions for restaurants

Control your costs, optimize your stock levels and place orders in one click with RapidBar

Save time and increase profits

POS integration

  • Extend your POS inventory features
  • Allow batch recipes for precise stock control
  • Extract daily sale automatically

Fast counts

  • Mobile app with scanner and Bluetooth scale
  • Draft beer monitoring
  • Import new products straight from our database

Actionable metrics

  • Detailed variance reports by individual products
  • Instantly view underperforming or missing stock
  • Be proactive before things get out of hand
  • 100% paperless

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And integrating with many other POS systems

We use RapidBar to quickly track down the causes of deviation before it becomes a real problem.

In one particular case, an employee would inadvertently swap 2 bottles of wine. With our sales volume, and because the wine served by mistake was more expensive than the one which was supposed to be served, we were looking at a weekly deficit of $100. Thanks to RapidBar, we were able to find which product was missing and on which day. The situation was resolved quickly and we avoided wasting $5000 yearly.