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Control your costs, optimize your bar stock levels and place supplier orders in one click with RapidBar.


The bar inventory app that works together with you

  • Ultra fast bar inventory system that lets you focus on customer experience.
  • Say goodbye to bar inventory spreadsheets.
  • Manage all locations in one place.
  • Compare KPIs between each location.
  • Edit recipes and menu costing anytime, anywhere you are.

Why your business needs RapidBar for bar inventory management

  • 80% faster inventory counting.
  • Better management of your bar profit margins.
  • Automatically calculating and controlling cost.
  • Avoid overstocking and stockout.
  • Manage staff permissions for better control.
  • Easy access to your inventory data, anywhere.
  • Identify bar and restaurant liquor errors
  • Save on labor costs.
  • Extend your POS bar inventory features.

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