We wanted to convey a festive vibe with this new restaurant. Our goal was to push alcohol sales. When this became a reality, it was crucial for us to precisely understand inventory behavior with precision.

Dominic Girard - General manager, Maria Maria.

"Weekly inventory monitoring is really important in a restaurant. We use RapidBar to quickly track down the causes of deviation before they become a real problem."

"In one particular case, an employee would inadvertently swap 2 bottles of wine. With our sales volume, and because the wine served by mistake was more expensive than the one which was supposed to be served, we were looking at a weekly deficit of $100. Thanks to RapidBar, we were able to find which product was missing and on which day. The situation was resolved quickly and we avoided wasting $5000 yearly.”


Prevented waste

One time, we noticed that the quantities poured were not evenly distributed over different days of the week.

Using RapidBar, we quickly discovered on which days recipes were not being followed properly. We then met staff accordingly, raising awareness on cocktail recipe consistency, in order for customers to experience the same great taste no matter the time of the day or week.


On customer support

Dominic has been working in the hospitality business for 19 years and has tried half a dozen different software. RapidBar was recommended to him by friends in the industry that were using it successfully. 

“RapidBar is complete while staying simple and focused on inventory control. The customer support is top notch; I never had to wait more than 15 minutes to get an answer to my questions."

“Thanks to its simplicity and awesome customer support, I was able to rely on valuable inventory data to make important decisions in my daily activities less than 2 weeks after the implementation was completed.”