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Control your food cost, optimize your restaurant stock levels and place suppliers orders in one click with RapidBar Restaurant Edition

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Start optimizing your restaurant inventory management today with RapidBar

Our restaurant inventory management software is the perfect tool to drive your efficiency:

  • Save up to 80% on time spent on restaurant inventories
  • Reduce food waste
  • Go paperless and eliminate transcription errors when managing your restaurant inventory
  • Find opportunities with detailed variance reports
  • Spend less time on restaurant supply management so you can focus on creating an outstanding experience for your customers

What is inventory management for restaurants?

Food inventory management is a way of monitoring all of the food that your restaurant stocks from its suppliers at all times. A manager would use that knowledge to optimize purchases of foods, which allows a restaurant to control their costs and avoid wasting food. Great inventory management allows restaurant managers to have the answers to important questions:

  •  How much inventory/products do you purchase?
  • How much inventory do you use each day?
  • How much inventory is left at the end of each day?
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The advantages of our inventory management app's restaurant edition

There are only advantages to maintaining a tight control of your inventory, the only constraint is time. Restaurant inventory management software is the solution to this problem and is used by most successful restaurants today!

Developing a good inventory tracking system can help you control your costs. In addition, a proper inventory system can help your business in more ways than just reducing food costs: you can cut down on food waste. Keeping track of ordering, past spoilage, overproduction and many more important factors is also a fundamental part of a restaurant's success. The inventory level, dollar value of food purchased and their CoGS all lead to improved profits for your establishment.


Why you need our restaurant inventory management app

Any restaurant or bar manager will tell you the same: their most time consuming task is inventory management. Hours spend every week counting your stock could be better used in creating an amazing customer experience for your customers. An automated inventory management system built into your restaurant POS system can increase your speed in taking inventory, allowing you and your staff to focus on other important tasks.


What does it mean? With effective inventory management, your stock depletion happens as items are sold. You can get an idea of what your stock is by knowing its current levels, and you’ll also be able to see your stock depletion in real time. Nothing is worse for customer experience than running out of a menu item during your service: having the right product or ingredient available at the right time allows you to keep a strong menu.

RapidBarApp Restaurant inventory app - A restaurant inventory management system that offers everything our bar inventory app does and more!

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Choose RapidBar as your restaurant inventory management system

Tracking your food inventory and daily usage has never been simpler

  • Manage your liquor orders and your liquor usage
  • Track your stock directly in the app
  • Avoid liquor discrepancies and bar count variances
  • Save on labor cost
  • Stock data and avoid paperwork
  • Identify bar and restaurant liquor errors
  • Extend your POS bar inventory features
  • Automate suppliers orders calculations and receiving

Choose efficiency with our restaurant inventory management software

A restaurant inventory app is helpful no matter what stage your food business is in. If you have just opened up a new restaurant and are not sure where to begin, the Rapidbar app can help you manage your orders, sales, the inventory of your food supplies and even help cut down your costs. It is also very useful if your business has been running for several years and you’re tired of restaurant profits being wasted.

Learn more about inventory management

Restaurant Inventory Management

How can restaurants manage their inventory?

Keeping track of restaurant inventory manually with the same staff often leads to inconsistency between what’s actually in the refrigerator and what people think is in the refrigerator. Use restaurant inventory software to track inventory, help you improve inventory control and ensure that it is done right. Here are different ways to improve your food and product inventory management: