Simply The Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Control your costs, optimize your restaurant inventory levels and place orders in one click with RapidBar Restaurant Edition app

Save time and increase profits

POS integration

- Extend your POS inventory features

- Allow batch recipes for precise stock control

- Extract daily sales report automatically

Fast inventory counts

- Mobile app with scanner and Bluetooth scale

- Draft beer monitoring

- Import new products straight from our database

Actionable metrics

- Get detailed inventory variance reports for individual products

- Instantly view underperforming or missing stock in your restaurant

- Be proactive before things get out of hand

- 100% paperless app

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Easy to use application

Reduces inventory time by 50%

Why you need our app for your restaurant inventory management

RapidBarApp Restaurant edition has everything our bar inventory app has to offer and more!

Batch recipes

Create preparation recipes, vsiualize their cost as ingredients are added. Above all, count and weigh ingredients in the inventory like regular products.

Create complex recipes

Use our app to create complexe recipes by adding to existing ones or preparation recipes.

Simplified purchasing

Orders to your suppliers are managed directly into the app, filtering par level, and out-of-stock.

Cost control features

Better management of profit margins in your restaurant by automatically calculating and controlling food and drink cost.

Access data anywhere

Ensure better business decision-making for your restaurant with easy access to all the inventory data you need, anywhere.

Better collaboration

Assign permissions to multiple users in the mobile app for better control. Coworkers can do inventory count but have no access to the data they don't need.

Manage efficiently with our restaurant inventory app

Partner with RapidBarapp to :


- Manage your food and liquor orders and your sales 

- Track your inventory directly in the app

- Avoid discrepancies and restaurant count variances

- Save on labor cost 

- Stock data and avoid paperwork

- Identify bar and restaurant liquor and food errors 

- Extend your POS restaurant inventory features

- Automate your invoicing to suppliers.

Waitress using bar inventory app

A restaurant inventory app is helpful no matter what stage your food business is in. If you have just opened up a new restaurant and are not sure where to begin, the Rapidbar app can help you manage your orders, sales, the inventory of your food supplies and even help cut down your costs. It is also very useful if your business has been running for several years and you’re tired of restaurant profits being wasted.

If your business needs an easy way to manage costs, reduce deadstock, and recognize the causes of loss in your inventory, our restaurant inventory management features solutions for all these and more. Run your restaurant with ease with the Rapidbar app. Point of sale tracking and integrated features allow seamless tracking of inventory variance as well as cost management.

Through our app, batch information and restaurant bar recipes are available on a day to day basis for better stock control. The app provides instant and daily access to sales for retail and inventory count, which prevents discrepancies and count variances.

RapidBar app also helps you reduce your labor costs. Manual counting requires employees that need to be paid and often need to stay late to manually count inventory. Real time updating of inventory from the app helps you save time instead of manually inputting food and liquor data into a spreadsheet. The app helps prevent errors in inventory count audits for your restaurant service.

Increase your sales with our app by saving hours on inventory management. Use the time you save to focus on increasing sales.

By using our app, you can forecast your liquor sales for your bar or restaurant based on events, holidays, and other factors. Directly from the app, manage your inventory by placing liquor orders to match sales trends and avoid falling short on popular liquors by having up to date inventory, which will not only meet demand but also increase bar profits (you won't have to turn customers away due to shortages in stock).

Partner with:

And integrating with many other POS systems

We use RapidBar to quickly track down the causes of deviation before it becomes a real problem.

In one particular case, an employee would inadvertently swap 2 bottles of wine. With our sales volume, and because the wine served by mistake was more expensive than the one which was supposed to be served, we were looking at a weekly deficit of $100. Thanks to RapidBar, we were able to find which product was missing and on which day. The situation was resolved quickly and we avoided wasting $5000 yearly.